Layanan Kami

Tersedia beragam layanan yang dapat anda pilih sesuai dengan waktu dan budget anda. Kami melayani pelajar privat, kelompok, korporasi, dan live webinar. Selain itu, kami menyediakan layanan khusus untuk murid yang merupakan anak yatim/piatu dan ekonomi lemah dari seluruh pelosok tanah air.

One-on-One Training

Kelas ini disediakan untuk murid yang tertarik belajar sendiri bersama tutor. Jadwal tersedia secara fleksibel sesuai dengan keinginan murid.

Group Training

Kelas ini memiliki jumlah minimal dan maksimal siswa dalam belajar. Jadwal tidak fleksibel, sesuai dengan yang kami sediakan.

Corporate Training

Kelas ini khusus untuk perusahaan atau institusi yang menghendaki pembelajaran berkelompok minimal 5 karyawan atau pegawai. Kelas dapat berupa online dan offline.

Live Webinar

Kelas ini hanya tersedia pada waktuwaktu tertentu, sesuai dengan topik yang ditentukan dan dilaksanakan secara live dengan minimal 30 murid.

Special Service

Kelas ini dikhususkan untuk murid yang merupakan anak yatim/piatu dan keluarga kurang mampu secara ekonomi. Kelas ini GRATIS! Dilaksanakan secara berkelompok minimal 20 murid, minimal lulusan SMA, memiliki peralatan penunjang belajar online, dan memiliki daya juang, ketekunan, dan motivasi dalam belajar Bahasa Inggris, dan komitmen untuk menyelesaikan program dengan disiplin.


Apa kata mereka

“The tutor is experienced who was not only able to teach me IELTS but also to motivate me to keep working on my dream to pursue a master study abroad. His teaching was based on authentic materials that had helped me ace the test.”

Nadhira IELTS 8.0, double MScs in Circular Economy from three top-tier universities in Europe, Erasmus Mundus Grantee – 2019-2021.

“I’ve acquired substantial knowledge about the IELTS, and such knowledge is not only applied in the IELTS test, but also in my work. What’s more, the teacher showed high motivation in delivering the best for me and ultimately I achieved my desired score.”

Afdha L. IELTS 7.5, Master of Law, University of Melbourne, Australia.

“I had a great experience taking English lessons with the tutor. Learning sessions were done effectively since he would focus on the area that we needed to improve the most. Insightful tips and tricks for taking IELTS were also given generously throughout the sessions. I personally recommend Golobe Education especially for those who aim for higher education abroad as he would not only help to prepare your English, but also give useful insights about admission or scholarship processes.”

Vania IELTS 7.5, MSc in Environmental Policy, ETH Zurich, Switzerland, LPDP Awardee.

“I found the tutor highly committed as he had helped me achieve my desired score in the IELTS test. I had a serious problem with my speaking ability that led to a massive failure in several IELTS tests. He was able to diagnose my key problem and offer me solution that worked best for me. On top of that, prior to my departure to the UK for doing my MSc, I asked him to teach me Academic Writing and How to Achieve Distinction in courses that I would take. His teaching has absolutely made me who I am today – from someone who was not really proficient in English to someone who can eloquently communicate in English.”

Vincy IELTS 6.5, MSc in Engineering, Southampton University, the UK.

“The tutor is unparalleled as an educator. His ability to blend serious insight and solid study into a form that’s exciting, engaging, and accessible is admirable. Having him as my PTE tutor was not only boosted my literacy in English, but also broadened my general knowledge as he is so knowledgeable. All in all, enjoy learning with him to the utmost.”

Keanu PTE 60, mining professional in Australia.

“The tutor is highly passionate dan friendly who was able to make me motivated with what I was brushing up – TOEFL ITP, for my university entrance program at Universitas Indonesia. Frankly, studying TOEFL ITP was petrifying for me personally since the lessons were above and beyond what I had been taught at my senior high school. With his great passion, he delivered the teaching in an engaging way both offline and online modes, and I found the lessons a bit easy as he broke them down into “pieces” to see how a language function formed a meaning that was used in communication.”

Mario TOEFL IBT 503, Talent Scouting UI Grantee for BA in Management (International Program).


Golobe Education adalah platform belajar Bahasa Inggris online dengan tutor berpengalaman yang memiliki sertifikat Profisiensi Bahasa Inggris (IELTS/TOEFL) dan sertifikat Mengajar (TEFL/TESOL/CELTA/DELTA). Pembelajaran dilakukan secara online menggunakan teknologi terkini dengan beragam fitur interaksi yang dapat mempercepat penyerapan materi.


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